About me

Blog writing is new to me. I feel like I have no idea where to begin. So, I guess a few
facts about me is a good place to start! Here goes…

I absolutely love food – BUT I have tonnes of food intolerances!
I have to avoid; wheat, gluten, dairy, rice, quinoa, amaranth (yes! I have to avoid two of the worlds’ most healthiest staples!)
fresh onions, raw apples, bananas, oranges, fresh lemons and various nuts… I’m sure I have missed out something!

For Nutrition reasons I have cut out refined cane sugars – but I am still going to post
my old favourite gluten and diary free recipes because they’re just so good!
To be honest, it’s easier naming what I CAN have. You will find out what this is in future recipes to come 🙂

I decided to call my blog Love life, health and food, because I want to write about all of those things-
Loving life, relationships, and health, not just food. So I hope you will find my blog an interesting read 🙂

I am fighting a chronic illness that I have had for 11+ years – known as M.E.
On top of that I suffer with migraines, headaches, digestive issues and mild acne which used to be severe.
I also have a general sensitivity to domestic chemicals. Things like artificially scented candles, perfumes, cleaning products and laundry cleaners.
I’m also sensitive to artificial food ingredients such as MSG (Mono sodium Glutamate)
and artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucrolose…

Basically, anything artificial.I hope you enjoy following my blog,

I hope to give you an insight into my life, what beauty products I use, updates on my health and plans of action on healing.
I hope that I can inspire and excite you, by showing you new healthy meal and dessert alternatives,
with the occasional cheeky treat, a bit like this…




Distractions from pain and the general shit that life chucks 

Life is HARD! But the aim is to at least be at peace, have fun, and make great memories whenever
If you want to know right this second about what M.E is, check out the websites below and
Be sure to check up on my future articles as I will be writing about M.E and health at least once!


Apart from food of course, there are so many things that I have found to distract myself from

my living pains, and general crap that I have to deal with daily…
starting up a blog is one of them, but before I was brave enough to start writing and typing,
I have been working on making gift tags and gift card pouches to hopefully sell very soon.



There are so many beautiful things in this world. When I can, I love to be outdoors.

The country side is such a peaceful and welcoming place, I wish I could venture further into the country,
but my health limits me to places that have at least a toilet and some benches nearby. a nice cafe is always a treat too.


I love finding little spots to hide away in, to rest and listen to everything living. less people around the better!
There’s something very spiritual about sitting quietly listening to nature –
Which brings me to my next future (but slightly in depth) topic quite nicely…



Happy Future reading! I look forward to reading your comments  🙂